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What A Waste

More Wall:

Construction of the 30-foot, 2.5-mile-long wall began in February and lasted eight months. Nielsen watched as welders affixed a sign to the wall to commemorate the event. It’s now the tallest barrier on the entire 2,000-mile-long southwest border.

“Looking at this, I would not attempt to climb it,” Nielsen said.

A plaque with President Trump’s name was welded onto the wall after the ceremony as Nielsen and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan watched.

Eight months to build 2.5 miles means 2 years 8 months to build 10 miles. Congress authorized around 50 miles which would take 13 years 4 months to build at the current rate. This was a replacement for an existing structure, so truly new construction would take longer.

Nielsen apparently missed the news that the bad guys will just tunnel under it or buy battery powered saws and cut a door.

Just put up a few billboards with Trump on them and forget Wall.

February 16, 2019   4 Comments