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Kraft Is Toast

Trump On Robert Kraft’s Prostitution Charges: ‘He’s Proclaimed His Innocence Totally’, and Trump doesn’t care about the tapes: “The investigation involved setting up surveillance cameras which took video of people inside the massage parlors, and one of those people on at least two occasions was Robert Kraft.”

If it was one visit, he didn’t realize what was going on, not a great defense, but a defense. He visited twice, so there is no doubt he knew what was going on as far as the prostitution is concerned. He should have also be able to figure out that the girls were not documented, and were probably being trafficked.

This wasn’t primarily a prostitution investigation, it was about human trafficking that Trump seems to believe is important when it comes to building Wall. Apparently it isn’t so important when it involves his friends or his golf courses.

February 22, 2019   4 Comments