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Iditarod 2019 Trail

Iditarod 2019 MapIt’s the southern route that includes the namesake ghost-town of Iditarod as the midpoint. The Stepping Stones, the Burn, Rainy Pass, the Glacier, all of the hazards of the first half are still part of the race, as well as the long open stretch between Ophir and the Yukon. The route that is normally taken in odd years.

The day will be about 10 and a half hours at Anchorage and the moon is waning with a new moon on March 6th. The temperature is in the 20s in Anchorage, which is a welcome change from recent years.

Things start off next Saturday, Susan Butcher Day, with the ‘parade’ from Anchorage to the airport. The actual racing starts on Sunday at Willow.

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February 24, 2019   6 Comments