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I Am Cursed

…When it comes to Congresscritters. It is hard to believe that the least embarrassing I’ve had since 1980 was the star of a local children’s TV show before entering politics.

Matt Gaetz is supposed to represent the First Congressional District of Florida, but he is only interested in sucking up to Donald Trump. He sends out e-mails, but the only local event he has held since being elected were in small communities on the Florida/Alabama border.

According to Chris Cillizza, Digby, Atrios, Nicolle Wallace & company, and others on MSNBC, Gaetz may have committed witness tampering in addition to “conduct unbecoming” a member of Congress.

Unlike the President, members of Congress can definitely be indicted for violating laws. Gaetz does seem to be able to bring people together when it comes to agreeing he is a low-life gangster wanna be.

Update: ‘Gangsta Gaetz’ sort of apologizes after “getting his knuckles rapped” by Miss Nancy and has been referred to the Florida State Bar for his conduct. Witness tempering is a no-no for attorneys even in Florida, and even if they are in Congress.

February 26, 2019   28 Comments

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