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Iditarod 2019 – Day 16

Iditarod 2019 MapSled DogRichie Beattie (50) has been withdrawn from the race following the death of Oshi, a 5-year-old female, probably from aspiration pneumonia. Seemingly this makes Ed Hopkins the rookie winner. Under the new rules, if a dog dies, the team is withdrawn if the musher doesn’t scratch voluntarily.

Standings at 10:00PM CDT:

Finished at Nome
21 Ed Hopkins (33)Q
22 Martin Buser (21)
23 Aaron Peck (47)
24 Charley Bejna (31)
25 Michi Konno (43)
26 Lance Mackey (44)
27 Jessie Holmes (5)
28 Martin Apayauq Reitan (39)Q
29 Ryan Santiago (49)R
30 Jason Campeau (12)
31 Jessica Klejka (24)R
32 Alison Lifka (37)R
33 Michael Baker (41)
34 Sarah Stokey (52)
35 Anja Radano (2)
36 Blair Braverman (11)R
37 Jeremy Keller (48)
Beyond Safety
38 Kristin Bacon (8)
Beyond White Mountain
39 Cindy Gallea (53)
40 Victoria Hardwick (30)RΦ
[

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Éireann go Brách!

Irish Flag


Well everyone agrees that he died on March 17th, but the year is subject to debate. This is his feast day on the Catholic calendar. Enjoy as you are wont.

Wikipedia has more on Saint Patrick’s Day, if you need more.

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