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What A Real Leader Sounds Like

Via Crooks & Liars watch the video: New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern Shows How To Lead.

She speaks in two languages and references a phrase in a third. She is uniting people after a tragedy. She is wearing a traditional Maori feathered clock and starts her address with a Maori greeting and acknowledgment. Notice that she has a sign language interpreter. These are indicators that she is leader of all of the people in New Zealand.

The supposed leader of the US is rarely coherent in the only language he claims to speak and does his best to divide Americans into competing sub-groups. The man can’t properly word a condolence message, and won’t send someone to a card shop for a sympathy card to prevent embarrassing the country again.

March 29, 2019   2 Comments

Strike Three

The British MPs got to put forward their own plans for the BREXIT problem, but there was no majority for any option after MPs’ voted. There is video showing John Bercow with another “fabulous” necktie, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Mr. Bercow is back with another path for taking another vote on a Theresa May plan. This report by ABC feature more coverage of Mr. Bercow and has pictures and videos featuring more ties.

They held the third vote and once again MPs rejected May’s EU withdrawal agreement – strike three and no Plan B. The best she can do is schedule EU elections in the UK in order to buy more time, or crash out of the EU.

It is obvious that there will be parliamentary elections on the horizon, but Britain is in worse shape than the US.

March 29, 2019   Comments Off on Strike Three