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Feds break up $1.2 billion Medicare scam that peddled unneeded braces to seniors

The Justice Department announced charges Tuesday against 24 people across the U.S., including doctors accused of writing bogus prescriptions for unneeded back, shoulder, wrist and knee braces. Others charged included owners of call centers, telemedicine firms and medical equipment companies.

These people have been calling me at least once a day for weeks. They keep changing numbers and the person recording the message, but as soon as I heard: “Don’t hang up”, I hung up.

They should put them all in as many of their braces as are possible, take them 10 miles out in Gulf, and throw them overboard. 😡

I have to answer my phone as it could be a tenant with a flood in an apartment. Tenants change numbers frequently as they lose phones, borrow phones, or change carriers for a better price. I’m too old to have to put up with this crap which is why I’m on the “Do not call” list.


1 Kryten42 { 04.15.19 at 9:52 am }

I hear you! I get spammed 3-5 times a day! Even though I’m on our DND list! It used to only happened in the evenings so I ignore them. I decided to delete my voice mail message & I’ll get messages with them trying to get me to talk! I’m easily amused these days! 😉 😀 Funny thing, I used to get maybe 2-3 a week, until I signed up with the NBN! So I am certain they sold our mobile numbers to a database. So, not only did they totally screw up our Internet infrastructure, they are illegally scamming us! The LNP of course won’t stop them (they are BBF’s after all), and I don’t expect the ALP do do a thing either!

As for the Medicare scam… I heard about that. I found it curious the DOJ charged mostly smallish clinics. Even though the worst scammers are the major companies. But I wasn’t surprised of course. Same here.🤷🏾‍♂️🙄

2 Bryan { 04.16.19 at 11:20 am }

The scam didn’t need major resources as the concentrated on a very specialized service that only require a handful of Medicare codes. The medical equipment suppliers work out of strip malls for the most part. They can do it on the cheap and still rake in a billion dollars from Medicare. Now the fraud that my former governor and current Senator’s company, HCA/Columbia, perpetrated, resulted in a fine of over a billion dollars. They, of course, ripped the system off for more than that. Being a corporation, nobody went to jail.

I would guess that NBN outsourced their billing, and the company doing the billing sold the database. NBN probably checks users with a credit checking service, who will probably also sell them. Everyone bitches about Amazon and Facebook selling personal information, but all kinds of businesses make money off of their customers’ personal data. I used to write code for mass mailers in Southern California in the 1980s & 90s, so I know about the provenience of many of these databases. At 10 cents a name for just a verified mailing address, up to more than a dollar/name for verified income, personal data is valuable.