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Tomorrow Morning

Stamp Out Hunger

If you are in the US you received a white plastic bag as a reminder of the drive. If you don’t have a separate mailbox, you can drop it off at a post office.


1 hipparchia { 06.01.19 at 8:46 pm }

i did this. so did a lot of other people on my street this year, more people did than didn’t, which is a first in the time I’ve been living in my current house.

I used to do my grocery shopping on Friday night, while everybody else is out at the bars, so that I can avoid crowds and long lines, but have lately switched (back) to doing my grocery shopping while everyone else is at church on sundays, so good thing there was somebody to remind to do that week’s shopping on Friday night!

I always want to add some cans of dog or cat food too, because pets are family too, and they get hungry too, but I’m sure there’s always somebody who would take it wrong and think I was suggesting that people in need should eat dog food.

2 Bryan { 06.02.19 at 11:37 am }

The local food pantry gets the broken pet food bags from Malwart and fills gallon bags to pass out. I always include canned tuna and chicken, so people can make up their own minds.

I always buy store brand canned fruits and vegetables because having worked in a canning factory I know the only difference is the label.

3 hipparchia { 06.03.19 at 8:06 pm }

i did tuna for the pets, beans and rice for the humans. it was pouring down rain for a good part of the day so I wanted things that I could stuff inside the mailbox easily.

i’m glad to know about the broken bags of pet food, but now I’m tempted to accidentally on purpose trip over something in the pet department next time I’m over that way.

4 Bryan { 06.03.19 at 8:42 pm }

I’m sure it is filed as loss and charitable donation on their taxes, but pets get fed and don’t go to shelters.