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Irrational Actor

John Bolton definitely has to go. He should never be allowed in the same universe as any of the levers of power because he wants to use them to start a war. His answer to all questions is to “bomb somebody”. He is going to get members of the US military and innocent civilians in other countries killed.

Trump is attacking John Kerry and wants him charged under the Logan Act for acting like a former Secretary of State (which he was). Trump assumes that Kerry told the Iranians not to call the current Resident of the White House. There is no power on earth that would convince the Iranians to talk to Trump, much less negotiate with him.

Noz has a short and simple explanation as to why Iran won’t deal with Trump. Trump keeps pulling out of agreements. He unilaterally withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Agreement; he refused to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership; he insisted on changing the NAFTA agreement. He is acting lukewarm about NATO, and refused to offer the traditional guarantee on Article 5 of the NATO Treaty on collective defense. His word is no good, and he has made the world doubt the value of agreements with the US.