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I’m willing to accept whatever 5 female Justices of the Supreme Court decide. Five Catholic male Justices have no business deciding what women can do with their bodies and legislatures have no business making medical decisions that are clearly discriminatory based on sex.

Further, you can’t say you are pro-life if you support the death penalty, but don’t support free/low cost prenatal care, free/low cost child care, decent schools, and a living wage.

May 26, 2019   2 Comments


We have had triple digit heat indexes for several days and the forecast is for more. Of course, I have been outside looking for any sign of leaks that would explain monstrous water bills and making repairs to the irrigation system to make it available for watering flowers and such.

In the midst of this, the main air conditioner in my house froze up. The humidity didn’t simply condense, it went from gas to liquid to solid, which blocks the vanes on the evaporator coils, resulting in a mess and no cooling.

The fix is to defrost the beast, which I did, and it started freezing up again. That meant tearing my self away from plumbing to go buy a backup AC. The main AC is 10,000 BTU, and the backup is 8,000. So far the new unit is working fine and I can sleep. As the fan on the main unit is working, I need to check to see if the evaporator coils are clogged, those are the normal causes of icing.

There were fireworks in the background as I typed this. These people think blowing things up is how you “celebrate” everything.

May 26, 2019   7 Comments