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June 6, 1944 D-Day

This is the 75th anniversary of one of history’s biggest military gambles – the invasion of Normandy. There were so many things that had to fall into place for it to work, that it really is amazing that it did.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt told a news conference the invasion did not mean the war was over. He said: “You don’t just walk to Berlin, and the sooner this country realizes that the better.”

The war continued for almost a year, but FDR did not, dying a month before the German surrender.

This is what it was like when the US had adults in the White House.


1 Shirt { 06.06.19 at 9:46 am }

No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II. Doris Kearns Goodwin, Author, does a wonderful telling of that period. In particular, when FDR and Eleanor visited the wounded in the pacific theater. This is the only time that FDR did not resort to either car or his phony walk but instead told his people to bring him his wheel chair to tell his mangled men ‘I made it! So can you.’

Just can’t see Commander Bone Spurs do anything like that.

2 Bryan { 06.06.19 at 2:27 pm }

His grandfather was thrown out of Germany for dodging the draft. His father paid for a bogus medical excuse so he could dodge the draft. None of his kids served in the military.

FDR’s sons served. Queen Elizabeth served (mechanic). The Royal family served. Looking at the way he wore a white tie and tails. Trump wouldn’t have made it out of basic. Trump has never been held accountable for anything in his life.

3 Kryten42 { 06.08.19 at 4:41 am }

Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) was also an Ambulance driver & Nurse. Mom worked with her once in London after the Blitz. Winston Churchill would sometimes take Ambulances to get to meetings or to a Hospital ship (one that Mom worked on) as it was much safer than his usual car (that was often just a decoy). Mom had an old B/W photo of HRH Elizabeth next to her Ambulance… She looked so young! I still have that somewhere.

My British cousins have been doing a great job showing their intense displeasure & highly annoying Dotard! You can tell by he insane tweet storms since he got to England! Even the Royals have been annoying him (though very tastefully of course) with their gift choices! 😆 😆 Also the fashionista press have been hammering them for their serious lack of any fashion sense (even Melania copped it, from the US press too!)

4 Kryten42 { 06.08.19 at 6:37 am }

Here… Because I know you need either a huge groooooooan, or a hysterical laugh… One of POTUS Dumbarse’s latest tweets:


Enjoy (or not! Your choice. Me… I am PMSL)

5 Bryan { 06.08.19 at 9:27 pm }

I posted a picture of the Queen with her first vehicle on her 80th birthday (note the large “L” plate).

There are “uniform regulations” for white tie and every member of the Trump entourage failed to follow them. For supposedly wealthy people their fashion sense is more Vegas than the opera. They can’t keep qualified staff people who would prevent them from making obvious errors in state visit protocol and wardrobe choices. They are prime examples of a classless society.

No one has come up with a rational interpretation of his Moon remark. He was reacting to something on Fox News as if the Moon mission wasn’t the policy of his administration. Бог знает…