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An update in the Marshae Jones case in Jefferson County, Alabama – the District Attorney has dropped charges:

Jefferson County Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney Lynneice Washington made the announcement in the unusual case that drew headlines and criticism around the globe.

“This is truly a disturbing and heartbreaking case. An unborn child was tragically lost,” Washington told reporters. “There are no winners, only losers, in this sad ordeal.”

Bad laws lead to bad results. Under that Alabama law, a miscarriage could lead to being charged with manslaughter.


1 Kryten42 { 07.09.19 at 9:51 pm }

Bad laws by bad people (in all senses of that word).

Speaking of… Seen the latest BS by Barr/Trump? Here’s my tweet & link to a video interview with Neil Katyal about it.


Also… Yet another photo surfaces showing just how immoral Trump is:

Right.. that’s me done! I just had some pathology tests done, need a nap . Just had a big drink of water. 😀

OH 😆 this old FL/Trump/Russia/Prostitution news item just resurfaced…

2 Bryan { 07.09.19 at 10:23 pm }

It’s hard to say if the change in attorneys was at the request of the attorneys who don’t want to do what Barr/Trump want or to avoid questions about the July 1st deadline that the Justice Department claimed was set in stone. They are trying to find a way around a Supreme Court ruling and there isn’t one. If they do anything but concede there is a separate case on this issue where the judge has already said he will accept new evidence that the citizenship question was racially motivated.

Did you notice the photo that appears to show Ivanka giving her dad a lap dance? The guy is a pervert.

3 Kryten42 { 07.10.19 at 3:47 am }

Yeah. The saddest part about Ivana Marie and all the early photo’s, is she never looks happy and I’m sure she was abused in some way. One doesn’t get to hang around (even help) a guy like Epstein for Decades unless one is kindred spirits, or a major client of his services. I am sure Epstein will do what all of Dotard’s other imaginary *friends* have done & roll on him for a deal. Maybe Dotard’s former Wives will finally break their Omerta (sans the Honor part) & spill the beans. I’m certain they know a lot more than they’ve said to date. Hence the Divorces & the signed order’s of silence.

Anyway, to lighten the mood a bit… I love Stephen Kings tweets! He really doesn’t like DT & doesn’t care whenever DT has a tantrum over one of his tweets (I suspect King loves them actually!)

As a bonus, King has plenty of material for a new series of Horror books! Money in the bank (real money, not the DT vapor money kind). 😉 😀

4 Bryan { 07.10.19 at 10:22 pm }

I think the only reason he had kids was “as proof of manhood”, not because he really wanted them. The only one he has ever loved is himself. He has never had pets of any kind. There has to be a reason Marla Maples (wive 2 and the only US citizen Trump has married) left New York with Tiffany and didn’t encourage visits.

Trump is low-hanging fruit for anyone with a functioning intellect. Trump provides most of the dialogue for satires of him. Just quote Trump and add “in what universe?”