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Good Man With A Gun

Early Sunday morning a man wearing body armor opened fire with an auto-loading .223 carbine outside a bar in the Oregon district of Dayton, Ohio. Under a minute, some reports say 30 seconds, after the first shot was fired the perpetrator was “neutralized” by police officers. In that time 9 people were murdered and 27 more were wounded.

That was very rapid response to the threat, but 9 people were still murdered. More guns isn’t the answer. The answer is fewer guns available for people who might use them to kill others.

Red Flag laws, the mental health changes that Trump eliminated, and a better and more comprehensive background check system will help, but there are too many auto-loading carbines available, and no necessity for more to be sold. Reinstate the “assault weapons ban”. It worked before; it can work again.

August 6, 2019   8 Comments