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Two dozen children can die in DHS custody and no one in the agency suffers any penalty, but let an alleged b/millionaire sex trafficer & ephebophile die in custody: Jeffrey Epstein: Two guards suspended and warden removed over death.

I know based on press photos that Epstein was a frequent guest at the various residences of the current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the years, but a White House ordered “investigation” under the supervision of the Attorney General is a bit of overkill before the autopsy was finished.


1 hipparchia { 08.14.19 at 7:48 pm }

every time I think trump — in a bassackwards way — has been good for this country (who else was going to do the Nixon goes to china thing with north korea? no one. would we have ever got medicare for all if Hillary were president? no, but we might now. and would the democratic wing of the democratic party have ever mobilized itself under president Hillary? no.) then trump does something else to remind me why i’m happy i voted for the republican wing of the democratic party for president. ugh.

2 Bryan { 08.14.19 at 10:57 pm }

I understand the logic, but Trump is beyond the worst President we have ever had. To compound the pain we have one of the most disgusting toadies that has ever served in Congress. Hopefully the primary and caucus voters in the Democratic party will go with the wishes of Democratic wing of the Democratic Party and back someone who will start working for everyone, instead of the 1%.

Looks like Trump is being true the pattern he set when he inherited a successful business from his father – bankruptcies. The economy he inherited from Obama now looks like it is headed for a recession. He turns gold into lead. The economy was his one real talking point.