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Warren Campaign Ads

Pasty white members of the 1% are providing Ms Warren with the basis of good campaign advertisements. The latest is from Mark Zuckerberg with this gem – LEAKED: Zuckerberg Will ‘Sue Federal Government’ If Warren Elected. Mark won’t have to initiate court proceedings – I feel certain that the Warren administration will be happy to spare him the “inconvenience” as Warren has “a plan for that.”

Earlier there was CNBC’s Jim Cramer On Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s Got To Be Stopped’. Ms Warren thanked Mr Cramer on Twitter. Being opposed by “vulture capitalists” is a boost for the Warren campaign.

The problem for the 1% is that they are not very popular with voters.


1 Badtux { 10.03.19 at 8:56 am }


My initial choice was Kamala Harris because I’d seen the job she did as California’s AG and liked it, but now I think Kamala would work better as attorney general in a Warren administration. Kamala is dogged but she doesn’t have that “vision” thing Warren seems to have in spades.

Count me in for Team Warren.

2 Bryan { 10.03.19 at 8:19 pm }

Kamala is exactly what we need to shovel out and rebuild the DOJ. Dog knows that the government is going to have to be reconstructed after the Trumpster fire that we are watching now.

Warren sees systems and recognizes the path to making them work. My real fear is that this is going to be a rerun of 1932 with the Republicans marginalized and bitter. I don’t see a depression, but a recession is almost guaranteed with this stupid tariff policy.

Warren has a golden retriever. I can’t trust people who don’t have pets. There is a gap in their characters.