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Not Funny

Pat Robertson: Trump May ‘Lose The Mandate Of Heaven’ Over Kurd Abandonment. Nikki Haley and Brett McGurk think it’s brain dead. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell believe it is a major screw up, just as bad as it was when he tried the same thing last year.

Once again Trump wants to abandon the only reliable allies the US has in the Middle East, the Kurds. Graham makes it clear that Trump’s claims about defeating ISIS are lies. The only people who think this is a “good idea” are Erdogan, Putin, and Assad. Trump’s supposed threat of economic sanctions when (not if) Turkey attacks the Kurds who have been carrying out the policy of the US, are totally worthless.


1 Shirt { 10.09.19 at 9:32 am }

Trump doesn’t need a mandate from heaven: he favors the one he already has from hell.

2 Bryan { 10.09.19 at 3:44 pm }

If there is a God why hasn’t S/He directed a lightning bolt at the lowlife. He walks around grassy plains with metal sticks, so it wouldn’t be considered “an act of God”, but of stupidity.

Turkey didn’t wait even a week to attack as everyone who knows anything about the region knew the Turks would do.