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Get The Man A Real Lawyer

As Digby said: I told you so — that letter was all Trump, all the way. White House Counsel Pat Cipollone may has corrected the spelling and threw in some legalese, but real lawyers spotted it as a Trumpster fire.

Feeling the heat Trump resorts to threats and displays his ignorance of the Constitution and Federal laws:

Washington (CNN) — President Donald Trump threatened on Saturday night to sue top congressional Democrats Rep. Adam Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi amid the House impeachment inquiry into the President.

Trump, who has a long track record of calling for lawsuits against his critics and not following through, said, “We’re going to take a look at it. We’re going after these people. These are bad, bad people.” The President was speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC.

Trump said he spoke to his lawyers about Schiff and told them, “Sue him anyway, even if we lose, the American public will understand.” Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence committee, is spearheading the impeachment inquiry.

“And sue Nancy Pelosi,” Trump continued. “Or maybe we should just impeach them, because they’re lying and what they’re doing is a terrible thing for our country.” Members of Congress cannot be impeached, according to the US Constitution.

Actually there is a way to impeach Nancy Pelosi — if Trump and Pence resign, Nancy becomes President and would then be subject to impeachment 😈


1 Kryten42 { 10.16.19 at 12:25 am }

Ignorance & ineptitude… Thy name is trump! 😈🤨🙄😒

Reuters has an exclusive news item that Giuliani was paid half a $million for work he did for a company co-founded by Lev Parnas.

Exclusive: Trump lawyer Giuliani was paid $500,000 to consult on indicted associate’s firm

The wheels are definitely off the bus. 😀

2 Bryan { 10.16.19 at 7:30 pm }

Rudy is saying that $500k is nothing extraordinary as a consulting fee for a doddering old lawyer well past his sell by date. They were buying access to Trump. I hope Trump got his cut because he gets very annoyed when someone else makes money off of him.

Trump and Rudy are both headed to the locked ward. 😈

3 Kryten42 { 10.16.19 at 11:15 pm }

Speaking of stupid letters regarding Dotard… Have you seen the one he sent Erdogan officially as POTUS?! Reads like a gangster movie plot! I tweeted it:


CNN have a vid of Jake Tapper and the letter (also in my tweet above):
Jake Tapper: I thought this Trump letter was a joke … It’s real

4 Bryan { 10.17.19 at 8:03 pm }

In most American colleges there is a course to teach students the basics of business communications, i.e. how to write the standard business letters and documents used by companies. Trump graduated from the undergrad course at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the business college. This course would be required for graduation there as it is for all business programs. Trump has a clerical staff and diplomatic advisors who would have produced a document in language that would not have caused Erdogan to pitch it in the bin. Trump’s letter would have resulted in war in the 19th century. It was insulting to a man who had effective control of 50 US tactical nuclear weapons. It sort of explains why he went bankrupt a half dozen times – he’s an obnoxious, ignorant jerk, i.e. a Republican.

I don’t want to hear anyone ever suggest that “government should be run like a business.” That’s what Trump is doing.

5 Kryten42 { 10.18.19 at 10:17 am }

Have you seen this one? Maddow just put it up on her blog…


One thing about Dotard… Analysts (retired or current) don’t have to do much, if any, reading between the lines when he tweets. And having had dealing with the old USSR helps, a lot. Right? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤨😒

I’m unsure whether the word “resume” was a Freudian slip or Dotard trying to score points for what he believes is a masterstroke of genius! Maybe both? 🤷🏾‍♂️🙄

Anyway, bed for me.🛌🏾😴

Had a long exhausting day. And found out I have another new allergy… Hayfever! Just shoot me already! (And my smartarse GP said “Won’t work. They tried that… Twice, right?” Seriously, I wasn’t allergic to anything, until 2014 when I discovered (the hard and almost deadly way), that I’m allergic to penicillin now! Which gave me hives for almost 4 years! I told you that, I think.🤔)

Have a great day Bryan.👋🏾

6 Bryan { 10.18.19 at 1:47 pm }

I’m waiting on a visit from Tropical Storm Nestor. Trump has been promoted from Полезный идиот (useful idiot) to an asset for Russia. There is no way that anyone in the intel community should ever be required to collaborate with the Russians or the Chinese. Trump tried this during the initial stages of the Mueller investigation and was shutdown by all of the senior members of the Cabinet and National Security Council. He’s trying it again to boost his 2020 election chances.

I hear you on the allergies. I grew up down here and spent most of my time outdoors in a pair of shorts. Now I’m sniffling and sneezing every time I open the door. Getting old sucks.

7 Kryten42 { 10.21.19 at 12:13 pm }

Yes. Getting old really does suck, even when you know what’s probably coming. *shrug*

How was Nestor? Did it wave as it passed? 😉 😀

So… Now we know why Dotard pulled the US troops from Syria. Barbra Boxer made a tweet about it. Wasn’t impressed!


Direct link to the NYT article:

8 Bryan { 10.21.19 at 8:01 pm }

Like Homer’s Nestor of the Iliad and Odyssey a bit overrated if not a fraud. Annoyed a lot of oysters and fishermen with his eventual target, but was moving fast enough to avoid causing significant damage.

More and more people are saying what you and have known for a long time – Trump is unfit for any office and he is losing his tenuous hold on reality. He sucks up to crime bosses and other dictators because he owes them favors. He is such a lousy businessman that pawn shops won’t deal with him.

The Kurds want a Kurdistan, and Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are opposed to the concept. Turkey gave ISIS volunteers unhindered access to Syria from Europe because they don’t see the Islamic State as a Turkish problem. The Kurds, OTOH are considered an existential threat to the status quo in Turkey. Turkey has loaned Trump a lot of money, so he does them “favors”. Follow the money…

9 Kryten42 { 10.23.19 at 8:39 am }

Yep! I agree.

One of the interesting things & different perspective between you and I with regard to Russia (and other States); for me, is that you were an analyst & I was the guy getting the info to be analyzed (in a simplistic nutshell). We had some very good analysts here in the 50’s-80’s, as did the USA. Now (if I were still in the intel gathering biz)… I’d be grabbing them out of their chair and asking if they could read & comprehend anything more complex than “See Spot Run”! I doubt many of either can speak/read/write English above high-school level, let alone other languages. So glad I’m out of it, really.

This short thread from Jesse Kineman hit’s the nail succinctly regarding the ME/Turkey/Russia/USA I think:

This one was interesting today, via POLITICO:

USDA inspector general launches climate change investigation

I tweeted about that with this comment:

“Hmmmmm…🤔 This will be interesting. Specifically, whether or not the USDA IG actually does their job, properly; and the results of the investigation.🤨😒 I suppose we’ll see.🤷🏾‍♂️ #GeeksResist #HeroesResist #TheResistance”

10 Kryten42 { 10.23.19 at 1:46 pm }

Wow… I was about to hit the sack & saw this pop up from Raw Story! It should be unbelievable… I tweeted a short thread about it with two links to RawStory & one to a Lawyers tweet with a link to The Daily Beast article, and a third from a former Fed/State Prosecutor with a link to Gaetz moronic “victory” tweet. All 30 should have been arrested!


11 Kryten42 { 10.23.19 at 1:58 pm }

This thread was just tweeted, it’s updated the above tweet of mine. Apparently, trump approved of the SCIF “protest invasion” by Gaetz & other GOP. Which makes Dotard Don complicit in breaching National Security reg’s & protocol’s.


12 Bryan { 10.23.19 at 3:07 pm }

I worked acquisition and analysis and nothing was done in translation in my area. It was all target language to avoid losing any context. You did humint and I did sigint. I also did analysis. You provided on the ground intel, I worked at a distance, i.e. I could say it was probably raining, but you knew whether you were getting wet.

The big difference is that I was required to maintain a minimum of impartiality, while you had to determine right from wrong in an instance, and act. You got to defend yourself while I was often set up to be a target to generate a response. We were both bloody crazy to do what we did, but we believed the risk was worth it.

Turkey doesn’t see ISIS as a threat and has a racist hatred of Kurds. Russia wants to protect its Med base and to create as much chaos as possible for everyone else. Trump has done an amazing thing – he has Turkey and Russia cooperating after centuries of war. They are going to slice and dice Syria and use Assad as their puppet.

The House should neuter all of those who illegally entered a secure area with recording devices. They should lose committee assignments and be censured. Expulsion would just eat up too much time.

13 Kryten42 { 10.26.19 at 10:01 am }

Agree. Emphatically agree with your last paragraph! I’d supply the rusty scissors for free!😈😏

Saw this in The Guardian… What do you make of it?

Pentagon awards $10bn cloud computing deal to Microsoft, snubbing Amazon

From a purely technical perspective, I wouldn’t award such a contract to either M$ or Oracle. Of the four… IBM by a nose. Least worse of the bunch. At least it might actually work & be somewhat secure.🤷🏾‍♂️😕

14 Bryan { 10.26.19 at 3:14 pm }

Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and the Washington Post. Trump hates the Washington Post because it doesn’t cover him like Pravda covered Stalin, so he tried to get the US Postal Service to raise the rates it charged Amazon. Trump won’t approve any government deal that might enrich Jeff Bezos.

Trump is angry because Bezos is a real “self made man”, who may be the wealthiest person on the planet at personal assets of $100+ billions, who graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and a Phi Beta Kappa key. Bezos is everything Trump aspires to be, but is too incompetent.

I wouldn’t trust M$ or Oracle with my pocket change. They would screw up and cause my being arrested for crimes that don’t exist and I couldn’t have committed if they did. Either would be out of step in a one-man parade. Yeah, IBM on penalty kicks. The Defense Department followed the path of least resistance.

15 Kryten42 { 10.27.19 at 4:52 am }

Very well put Bryan! 👍🏾😁

Here… You deserve a laugh (and I will be laughing all week if these Canadians pull this off!)


Actual item is here (if you’re in a harry) 😉
A Calgary Agency Just Trademarked “Fake News” So Trump Can’t Use It Anymore

Here… this popped up on my feed earlier today… And got me thinking. SO I posted a “conspiracy theory” comment! And you know I avoid those like bubonic plague! but I did have to wonder… What say you, knowing one! 😉 😀


16 Bryan { 10.27.19 at 10:10 pm }

The trademark is pending, but it is nice that the professionals are getting involved to combat lies and propaganda. As they point out, if it isn’t based on facts, it isn’t news. Twitter and Facebook think that whatever a politician spews is news. They should treat everyone equally – violate the TOS and you’re gone.

The thing is just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean no one’s out to get you. Trump didn’t beat Clinton; Trump, the Russian Intel services, US media services, and a lot of people who still wanted Bill Clinton impeached beat Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s campaign paid no attention to the Midwestern states that the Russians targeted because they were assumed to be in her corner.

That said, it is very possible the the Trumptanic will take the GOP with it. There are already Republican Congresscritters retiring who would have been in line for chairs of committees if the Republicans retook the House. Trump’s base are the dregs of the GOP and the US electorate.

17 Kryten42 { 10.29.19 at 7:37 am }

I read that if they get the TM approved in Canada, they will take it to WIPO and apply for a Global TM (essentially Global anyway). 😆

I was paid to be paranoid. I saw conspiracies everywhere! And most turned out to be true, those I dealt with (if/when/as I could and was ordered to do so, of course). 😆

I said a week or two ago the wheels are coming of the Trumpelstiltskin bus… They’re off I think! The only supposed Trump ally amused by this, was his wife!😈👍🏾 (No surprise there — She got what she married him for). I expect more rats to jump ship.


And no flies on this Bishop! He’s neither fooled nor amused. Nice! 👍🏾 😀

I’ll sleep well tonight. 😊👋🏾

18 Bryan { 10.29.19 at 5:12 pm }

Trump lives in a bubble and assumed that he would get “hero points” for a raid that he was so concerned about that he was playing golf instead of following developments. The dog is smarter and braver than Trump has ever been. Trump should not stage a photo op with the dog – dogs are pretty good judges of character. The dog might get sick after biting Trump.

Yeah, if it doesn’t feel right, experience says it probably isn’t. You develop a sense of the situation and it keeps you alive.

19 Kryten42 { 10.29.19 at 11:28 pm }


Funny thing… I mentioned to my newly minted Shrink a few weeks ago in our first appointment that Military training, especially the intense training specialists receive, isn’t easily forgotten. Especially when at least some of it is muscle memory or so deeply ingrained it becomes instinct rather than memory. I used situational awareness/threat assessment a lot. It became automatic & still part of me. Just walking down the street or entering a new office. She asked how that works & I described her office I’d just entered 10 min’s earlier. A painting on the wall behind me, clock & other items on a cabinet, furniture, what she was wearing… That she was more nervous than I was. 😆 (I told her that was OK & understandable. If I hadn’t been in combat several times and had 3 times the life experience she’d had, I’d have been as nervous, and it was OK.) She relaxed as I intended & we went well after that. She asked some interesting questions & made good comments. But as a good shrink should, listened and made notes. I like her, that’s important. I have my 3rd appointment tomorrow. Should be interesting. And yes, I will behave & not be a wiseguy! 😜 Her assessment is important, especially regarding how the new AD’s are working. Doc doubles the dose a Month ago… I’m not sure what’s happening, even if anything is. As I said to her the first meeting, that’s what I’m relying on her observations for. SA/TA isn’t really that useful as a self-assessment tool! Can be a hindrance in fact.😒🤷🏾‍♂️

Well… This is one the GOP/Dotard are really scrambling to discredit! But that’s a wasted effort, given the badges, ribbons, medals on his chest. I’d be proud to shake his hand (I’d salute him if it was appropriate for me to do so).


20 Bryan { 10.30.19 at 1:32 pm }

SA/TA is one of the reasons I hate flying. I know what every noise means and I’m tracking them. I can’t relax because every different airframe makes different noises and I feel the need to know what is going on. I hate flying without being plugged into the intercom. I want to know if there are any ground-based or aerial threats, exactly where I am. I want control and I no longer have it. I hate the security theater at the airport; being forced to pay for an inadequate seat with inadequate restraints and facing the wrong way. Some things you never forget – your body and mind won’t let you.

Lt Col. Vindman was/is an infantry officer (crossed rifles on his lapels, light blue bands on his hat and rank bars on his shoulders) who has language skills and was seconded for diplomatic service at the Moscow and Kyiv embassies, and then staff jobs as an Eurasian area specialist. In addition to the medals on his uniform he has metal in his body from an IED. He was sent to serve on White House National Security Council because he was judged to be the best available officer. Because of his foreign birth he received an extra dose of paranoia in his background. He is Jewish and he knows what a “pogrom” is so his attachment to the Ukraine is going to be tempered by history. His father didn’t emigrate because life was so wonderful in the Soviet Union.