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The Mexican Murders

After the horrific murder of 9 U.S. citizens in an ambush in Mexico, Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas thinks invasion and war might just be the answer. Cotton is apparently unaware of the reality that the victims were also citizens of Mexico, part of a group of Mormons who began settling in Mexico in the mid 19th century as ABC News points out: What to know about the Mormon community in Mexico following brutal ambush killing of Americans.

As for Cotton’s call for invasion, George Santayana was right: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Senator Cotton should read the history of US-Mexican relations to learn that the US has tried that approach before and it failed.

Those closer to the victims have a different solution: A Mormon family mourns their dead in Mexico and calls for the US to rein in its guns.

November 8, 2019   2 Comments