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My Congresscritter (sigh)

See Matt Gaetz make a fool of himself. It’s not just the mask, check out his shoes. You don’t see those outside of film noir (or possibly Roger Stone).

March 4, 2020   Comments Off on My Congresscritter (sigh)

Excuse ME!

For months two of my e-mail accounts have been flooded by sundry political action groups and a few candidates asking for money. Too often these missives highlight the fundraising of opponents as the reason they are asking for money. This is the result of the “politerati” scoring the viability of candidates based solely on their ability to raise money.

Michael Bloomberg has spent a half of a billion dollars ($500,000,000) to win the delegates of American Samoa. In his effort he even managed to be the only candidate to actually contact me via “snail mail”. If money was actually the most important criteria for a candidate, wouldn’t Bloomberg done a bit better than the delegation from American Samoa. Now every delegate is important, but American Samoa is not that populous, so it’s not much to show for $ 0.5 Gigabucks.

March 4, 2020   Comments Off on Excuse ME!