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This is how Trump appointees treat the military.

Coronavirus: US Navy captain pleads for help over outbreak

Scores of people on board the Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for the infection. The carrier is currently docked in Guam.

“We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die,” Captain Brett Crozier wrote in a letter to the Pentagon.

US Sailors Disembark in Guam

Guam, a US territory, is facing its own coronavirus emergency.

The island has only 250 staffed hospital beds and has among the most cases in the Pacific with 77 confirmed infections and three deaths.

Captain Crozier is fired

Washington (CNN)The commander of a US aircraft carrier that has been hit by a major outbreak of coronavirus has been relieved of command days after writing a memo warning Navy leadership that decisive action was needed to save the lives of the ship’s crew, acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly announced on Thursday.

“Today at my direction the commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Captain Brett Crozier, was relieved of command by carrier strike group commander Rear Admiral Stewart Baker,” Modly said during a Pentagon press briefing.

Modly is the “acting” Secretary of the Navy because Trump intervened in the court martial of disgraced former SEAL Eddie Gallagher which resulted in the Secretary of Defense cooking up a bogus reason to demand former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer’s resignation. Spencer’s resignation letter makes it clear that he viewed Trump’s actions in the case to be “detrimental to good order and discipline”.

Modly didn’t want to be asked to resign for the bad PR when Captain Crozier’s “memo” was released to the media by “person or persons unknown.” Trump never says “You’re fired” in real life because he is a coward and bully. As Michael Cohen noted it is all done “with a nod and a wink.”


1 Badtux { 04.04.20 at 3:57 am }

Did you see the sendoff that Captain Crozier’s crew gave him when he left the ship?

This is going to send morale into the dumper. Sailors signed up to die for their country, not to die for the ego of Twitler.

2 Bryan { 04.04.20 at 2:03 pm }

Bravo Zulu for Captain Crozier will be trending on military social media accounts. Given that the TR was the task force flag ship, the Admiral in charge would have been “next door” to the Captain’s Quarters. Obviously that Admiral didn’t have a solution or Crozier wouldn’t have bumped up his request.