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More “Bug News” From Solitary Confinement

Florida finally went into state-wide lock down, but Ron DeSantis,[plays Florida’s governor on TV] left the resolution of two cruise ships wanting to land passengers to Broward County because Ron might make a decision that Trump wouldn’t like. Broward County officials noted that they weren’t really set up to talk to representatives of foreign countries but someone had to do it as the State Department, Federal government, and state government refused. In the time of Trump local elections are more important than normal.

If you want even more proof of Trump’s failure read the BBC’s Covid-19: What makes a good leader during a crisis?.

This ad puts Trump’s incompetence on display with his own words. That’s why his campaign lawyers are threatening to sue anyone who airs it.

Military laboratories are ready to process COVID-19 tests, but the process to send them samples has not been created. The military is capable of all kinds of things not related to blowing things up, but they need an established chain of command and a process for working with civilian organizations.

Coronavirus: Toilet roll alternatives blocking sewers. The people hoarding toilet paper should be tracked down and sentenced to clearing sewers of the alternatives that people have been using after they run out.

Via Comrade Misfit, a site with graphic COVID-19 Projections nation-wide and by states.

The final word.


1 Badtux { 04.04.20 at 4:01 am }

Some of our local university biology lab guys got together with all the local universities and rustled up enough PCR machines to test 20,000 people per day, seems like every college biology lab nowadays has at least a half dozen PCR machines. The FDA won’t let them because they aren’t an official certified lab and their PCR machines aren’t the officially certified model running the officially certified firmware version. What the fuck? These assholes are more interested in defending their turf than in the fact that we’re in a crisis, nay, a fucking disaster. And nobody’s overriding them and telling them they can’t do that.

2 Bryan { 04.04.20 at 1:43 pm }

The FDA only overrides existing regulations for corporations and the delusions of Trump. There are now magnet high schools that have the equipment and people to process the tests.

Quest and/or LabCorp may contact them at any time to function as subcontractors, but the Trump Conspiracy won’t because of the lack of paybacks.