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The US has a so-called leader who spends his days watching television and his nights tweeting about it. This is a man with no medical training and no proof he even passed high school biology or chemistry courses pushing an unproven drug on the masses.

Contrast this with the Prime Minister of New Zealand: Three reasons why Jacinda Ardern’s coronavirus response has been a masterclass in crisis leadership. Go to the link and watch her press briefing.

In addition to her organized actions Prime Minister Ardern takes to the time to tell the children of New Zealand that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are essential workers. She put up an Easter egg on her web site for children to download and color and asked children to send her copies of their Easter egg drawings.

She has a plan. People can look at the plan and know what is going to happen. She wants to stop the virus, not just slow it down. She doesn’t hog the microphone and she answers questions from the press. She also has a sign language interpreter on the stage.

April 7, 2020   Comments Off on Leadership