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Schmucks II

Modly resigns as acting Navy chief after firing warship skipper and calling him stupid.:

Five days after firing the commander of a coronavirus-crippled U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, and a day after apologizing for calling that skipper naive and stupid in heated remarks to that warship’s crew, acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has called it quits. Defense Secretary Mark Esper has accepted his resignation.

Modly’s trip to Guam, which led to his resignation, cost almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Sailor from USS Teddy Roosevelt found unconscious, transferred to intensive care:

As of Wednesday, 97% of the Theodore Roosevelt’s crew have been tested for the virus and 416 sailors have tested positive, according to the Navy, representing more than 20% of all coronavirus cases within the entire US military.

“We’ve tested almost the whole crew now. We still have about 1,000 tests to report out. But 3,170 tested negative, 416 tested positive, 187 of those were symptomatic, 229 were asymptomatic. We still have 1,164 pending results,” the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday.

Note that over half of those who tested positive have no symptoms, which shows that limiting testing to only people with symptoms and known contact with someone who was known to have the disease may be missing the majority of cases and allowing the disease to spread. General Hyten doesn’t say that Captain Crozier was correct in raising the alarm, but he doesn’t say it rather loudly and pointedly to anyone listening.

April 9, 2020   6 Comments