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Flori”duh’s” Governor

As if the CNN article, Florida’s governor keeps hitting new lows in the battle against coronavirus, wasn’t bad enough, Ron DeSantis has shown up on the BBC: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has resumed airing live matches after being deemed an “essential service” in Florida.

Ron DeSantis assumes he is Florida’s governor because Trump endorsed him after DeSantis sucked up to an extent that caused extreme gastrointestinal distress. The ad DeSantis ran with his young children should have caused a visit from the Families & Children abuse investigators. The other relevant information that you need to understand this mess is that the McMahon family, who own the WWE, are friends with Trump. Trump chose Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration. DeSantis did it because he believes (or knows) that Trump likes the idea.

April 14, 2020   Comments Off on Flori”duh’s” Governor