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Open The Schools?

Trump disagrees with Dr. Fauci on reopening schools. Dr. Fauci attempted to correct Senator Rand Paul’s opinion that it is safe to open schools because children aren’t affected by the virus. Trump wants to reopen the economy, to aid his reelection, so he disagrees with Dr. Fauci.

Doctors Warn Of Severe Inflammatory Syndrome In Children With COVID

The syndrome, now frequently referred to as ‘multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children,’ resembles another childhood condition known as Kawasaki disease which typically affects children under the age of five. The disease causes inflammation in the walls of medium-sized arteries and can damage the heart.

While the new syndrome also involves inflammation, infectious disease experts say it is different from Kawasaki disease. Symptoms include persistent fever, rash, red eyes, inflammation and poor function in one or more organs.

So, relatively few children have died from the virus, but if it’s your child or grandchild, it’s one too many. Even if they don’t die, children carry the virus and can infect adults. What about parents, teachers, aides, bus drivers, janitors, school nurses, the cafeteria staff, etc? Children are not consistent about washing their hands or covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough. Children are definitely not big on social distancing. You need adults to teach and care for the children in this country. Opening schools early will kill people.