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Nothing To Worry About

That’s according to Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor.

According to Rebekah Jones’s site Florida COVID Action: today the Florida Department of Health is reporting that Florida had:

  • 11,433 new cases today
  • 65,837 new cases this week
  • 244,151 cases since March 1st
  • 93 new deaths today
  • 4203 deaths since March 1st

So we shouldn’t be concerned that more than a quarter of all cases occurred this week? Florida is the location of a sixth of the daily count of new COVID cases for the entire US, but we shouldn’t worry 😈

There are a lot of out of state plates on the local roads, which means that cases are probably being exported to other states. This is a good thing because Florida only has 918 available ICU beds, that’s Key West to Pensacola less than a thousand beds.


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