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Back To School?

“Does every disaster movie start with a scientist being ignored?”

“Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest” – Paul Simon The Boxer

The current wife of my former Congresscritter reports on the mess that is the Desantis response to the pandemic in Florida.

According to the US Census Bureau 19.7% of Florida’s population is under 18. That works out to approximately 4,231,000 children. The Florida Department of Health has a Pediatric Report on testing of this group. There have been 54,022 tests of members of the under 18 group and 16,797, 31.1%, tested positive for COVID-19.

The primary justification for reopening schools is that school-aged children aren’t “really” affected by the virus. It would appear that they have the virus in significant numbers and would be infecting the teachers and staff. The results would be schools closing in a couple of weeks because there wouldn’t be enough adults left to teach or maintain the schools.

It isn’t just the schools. Six weeks into the hurricane season the Miami Herald reports that Florida has closed the emergency operations center after 12 people on staff tested positive for COVID. If we can’t keep the EOC open why would anyone believe we can manage schools?

July 17, 2020   Comments Off on Back To School?