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Testing Breakthrough?

I had to go get bodily fluids siphoned off, one the joys of being old, and I found out why testing is backing up. I had an appointment and had to wait a half hour to get in. That was an hour better than the people who showed up without an appointment. They locked the door to keep the number of people in the waiting room to six as is stated on the outside door. We are having triple digit heat indexes, so outside is not exactly an ideal environment to wait.

The problem is this is one of only two labs in town and they do job and judicial drug testing, testing for doctors, and their lab is one of the two certified for COVID testing. If you are tested for COVID in this county it takes a week or 10 days to get a result.

Puppies may be the answer. There are studies in the US and Europe to see if dogs can tell if people have COVID by smelling test samples and/or body odor. While the studies need to continue, initial results are that some dogs are more accurate than some tests. If the large double blind studies confirm these results, COVID testing may be as straight forward as having a dog sniff you, with instant results. People could be tested passing through security in airports, or entering a large meeting space.

July 21, 2020   2 Comments