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New York attorney general files lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association:

(CNN) — New York Attorney General Letitia James announced she will attempt to dissolve the National Rifle Association, accusing its senior leadership of violating laws governing non-profit groups, using millions from the organization’s reserves for personal use and tax fraud.

In a news release Thursday morning, James, a Democrat, alleged that current and former NRA leadership “instituted a culture of self-dealing mismanagement” benefiting themselves, family, friends and favored vendors, leading the organization to lose more than $63 million in three years.

“The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James said in the news release.

The NRA was chartered as a non-profit in New York State, so it is subject to the laws of New York State. Trump’s charity had to shut down for similar reasons.

The organization has been suffering hard times after the feud between then president Oliver North and VP-forever Wayne LaPierre went public. As usual LaPierre won, but then internal documents began leaking.

They used to be about safety and conservation, but then shifted to representing weapons manufacturers, rather than their members and became lobbyists.

August 6, 2020   9 Comments


OJT, on the job training, is a normal way of learning a lot of jobs. Read the books, take the classes, but the best way to learn the job is by actually doing it.

If you are someone like Trump, Mnuchin, or too many Senators who inherited their jobs and never actually had to start at the bottom, it is highly unlikely you have a clue about how the world works.

In the case of Unemployment Insurance, you go through NOJT, not on the job training, to figure out how to apply for benefits. The thing to know is that every state is different. The length on time you had on the job you lost, the length of time you will receive benefits, the amount of the benefit – all of these things vary from state to state.

In general you will receive 50% or less of the income you were paid at the job you lost and in Florida it only lasts 12 weeks. One thing everyone requires is that you continue to look for work. If you are offered a job similar to the one you lost and refuse it, you stop receiving the benefits.

The people who claim people don’t go back to work because they make more money staying home, are just ignorant assholes who need to be unemployed on November 3rd, so they can learn how the system works.

Update: In Florida, the current and former GOP governors quarrel over unemployment aid, The former governor, Rick Scott, made the system as difficult as possible to use to keep his unemployment numbers low. Now DeSantis is having to deal with all of the angry unemployed people who aren’t getting their regular unemployment benefits, much less the $600 enhancement.

August 6, 2020   Comments Off on NOJT