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This Hurricane Season

As Badtux noted in comments, Louisiana has taken a beating this year. So far (there’s more than a month to go) Louisiana has had 5 named storms come ashore, 3 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms, beating the old record of 4 storms in 2002.

So far, 11 named storms have come ashore in the US breaking the 1916 record of 9, with 6 of those named storms being hurricanes which ties this year with 1985 & 1886.

If there is another named storm before the end on the season on November 30, it will tie with 2005 for the most storms in a season – 28.

This year just seems to roll up every bit of bad news available in every category.


1 Oldwhitelady { 10.30.20 at 8:33 pm }

Oh, gracious! I’m afraid a lot of people living close to water will need to start looking for shelter farther away. Flooding seems to happen more often, storms, too. I don’t understand how so many can deny climate change , and not want to do something to lessen it.

2 Bryan { 10.31.20 at 3:47 pm }

The next storm is in the Caribbean and the first advisory will be 4PM CDT today. 2020 really sucks.

3 hipparchia { 11.02.20 at 6:31 pm }

we should bottle this hurricane water and sell it somewhere… out west maybe….

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