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Reality Is Over-rated — Why Now?
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Reality Is Over-rated

CBS has an opinion piece by Seth F. Kreimer, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, A Hollow Debate Over “Hallowed Ground”

When I teach law students how to analyze a constitutional case, I drill into them one lesson: always start with the facts.

So when I was asked to opine on TV last week about the proposed construction of a “Ground Zero Mosque,” my first instinct was to look into the facts of the case. As a lawyer, those facts made it clear to me that opposition to the “Ground Zero Mosque” cannot claim to uphold American law. But as an American citizen, they made something else clear to me: opposition cannot claim to uphold American ideals.

Unfortunately the people who oppose the building aren’t interested in facts. They don’t care that some of the first-responders who died were Muslims, or that some of those working in the Towers were also Muslims. They don’t care that the site is surrounded by churches, chapels. tabernacles, and a Christian Science reading room. All the protesters are interested in is showing their hate.

The piece has a lot of solid information and is well-reasoned, but in the end facts and logic have nothing to do with the “lizard-brain” reaction to this community center. [I apologize to lizards for associating them with these whackoes.]


1 Kryten42 { 08.31.10 at 12:02 am }

All the protesters are interested in is showing their hate.

BIG YEP!! And their general ignorance, stupidity, and that they are hypocrites. (I think I covered everything!)

And speaking of ignorant, stupid hypocrits… One of the biggest of all, just got caught HUGE! And by a lowly student! I am PMSL!!

Palin’s Speaking Demands Confirmed: $75K, SUVs, Deluxe Hotel Suites, Bendable Straws, And No Public Access

In April, two students at Cal State Stanislaus found a partial copy of a speaker’s contract for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The partial copy revealed that Palin, who was due to speak at the university in June, has “more demands than an opera diva when she hits the road,” as the New York Post put it. It revealed Palin requires a chauffeured black SUV to get her to and from the airport, first class airfare or a private jet, a pre-approved “deluxe hotel” suite, and two bottles of water placed next to the lectern with “bendable straws.”

Many doubted the authenticity of the contract, and Palin blasted the students for digging it up, accusing them of trying to “silence” her. But on Friday, a California judge ordered the release of the full contract under a freedom of information law, proving the partial copy is indeed authentic. The full contract confirms her “diva” demands, and provides new details, from her $75,000 price tag to other extravagances she requires:

– Jet: Not just any private plane will suffice: “The private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger (as defined by interior cabin space) for West Coast Events; or, a Hawker 800 or Larger,” for East Coast events. But even if organizers arrange for a private jet, if Palin “changes her mind and opts to fly via commercial flights for US events, the Customer must be prepared to cover the cost of first class round trip airfare for two, and full, unrestricted round trip coach for two.”

– Visiting with heads of state: For international appearances, Palin “reserves the right to visit privately with the host government’s Head of State,” as well as “accept the invitation of [the] host government to overnight at an official residence.”

– Hotels: All hotels have to be “deluxe” and pre-approved by her representatives, with the room booked under an “alias.” Even non-overnight stays require hotel rooms, including a “holding suite” and “one or two single rooms.”

– Stage: The contract has very specific instructions about how the stage and lectern should be arranged. Lighting should be “comfortable, but at an appropriate production level for the Speaker,” and the lecterns should be made of wood — “no Plexiglass or thin lecterns.”

The contract also makes numerous demands to limit the public’s and the media’s access to Palin:

– Questions: All audience questions must be pre-approved, and can only be asked by a moderator or “designated representative,” who must be approved by Palin’s party.

– Media: “All requests for press or media coverage” of the event must be submitted far in advance for approval. “If media coverage is approved,” Palin’s Representatives need a complete list of “media outlets expected to attend” 10 days in advance.

– Recording: The media are only permitted to record the first three minutes of Palin’s speech, and then just for B-roll (no audio, video only). Recording of any other kind is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by Palin, and all personal recording devices, including cell phones, have to be turned off “at all events in which Speaker is present.” Only a campus photographer is permitted document to entire speech, and then only approved photos can be published.

– Autographs and photo ops: “Unless agreed to” early on, organizers “shall not permit or assist in the request for autographs while the speaker is on site.” Photo opportunities have to be pre-approved, and photos are for personal use only and can’t be re-printed. The contract provides very specific instructions, including a diagram, of how the photo opportunity should be conducted.

– Face-time: Paying the $75,000 for Palin’s visit won’t buy you access to the half-term governor. Palin, her “traveling party, and the plane crew will be the only passengers onboard the private jet.” And “[o]nly representatives of the Speaker or WSB are to meet the speaker at the arriving/departing airports.”

– Promotional material: All advertising, press releases, and promotional materials, such as flyers and posters, must be pre-approved, as must be sponsoring organizations.

– Receptions: A full list of all those attending (”including name, title, and affiliation”) must be provided in advance.

The tight restrictions on access reflect Palin’s media strategy, which insulates her as much as possible from tough questions by confining her to Facebook statements and Fox News. Palin, who cultivates a salt-of-the-earth image, got into trouble during the 2008 presidential campaign after Politico revealed that the RNC had shelled out $150,000 Palin shopping sprees at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s, among other high-end stores.

Palin’s black SUV was likely among this row of chauffeured black cars parked near the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday for Glenn Beck’s big “Restoring Honor” rally and fundraiser:

“You just can’t make this stuff up!”tm 😉

2 Bryan { 08.31.10 at 12:43 am }

There are a lot of stupid wealthy people in the world, and if they want to pay for this foolishness. it is a good deal more likely that Palin will spend it, than they will.

I ignore her because she is nothing more than an entertainer with a really bad stand-up routine. If she can make it pay, good on her. As far as Alaskan politicians go, she was not very successful in her forays into graft, as they were generally petty, technical violations. So, she needs to do something to support the lifestyle to which she would love to become accustomed.

There’s an old movie, A Face In The Crowd, that starred Andy Griffith, which shows that Palin is an American arch-type – the “common slob” whose “wisdom” attracts a large following. Generally they end badly, not in the “feel-good” way of Frank Capra’s earlier Meet John Doe with Gary Cooper.

This is a particularly American disease, these periodic spasms during which large groups willingly suspend reality and start believing the most absurd things about obvious frauds. After a while they just don’t want to appear stupid, so they continue their support even after they realized they were conned. Economic hard times tend to be fertile periods for this type of insanity.