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2018 August 23 — Why Now?
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The Hits Keep Coming

From the US ABC news: Michael Cohen subpoenaed in New York state probe of Trump foundation:

State investigators in New York issued a subpoena to Michael Cohen on Wednesday as part of an ongoing multi-agency investigation into the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a spokesperson with the state’s department of taxation and finance told ABC News.

The subpoena for Cohen arrived less than 24 hours after the former fixer and personal attorney to President Donald Trump pleaded guilty to two charges of campaign finance violations related to the Trump campaign.

An official with the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told ABC News that shortly after Cohen was served the subpoena, he reached out to the NY department of taxation and finance to ask when they could schedule a time to talk.

This is a New York State investigation which is not affected by Trump’s ability to pardon, and it could be a world of hurt for the directors of the Foundation: Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. Current “wisdom” says that Trump Sr. can’t be indicted while President, but his kids can enjoy the “hospitality” of the New York State corrections system.

August 23, 2018   7 Comments