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2020 January 28 — Why Now?
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Noted Omissions

Trump releases long-awaited Middle-East peace plan:

US President Donald Trump has presented his long-awaited Middle East peace plan, promising to keep Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital.

He proposed an independent Palestinian state and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements.

Standing alongside Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, Mr Trump said his proposals “could be the last opportunity” for Palestinians.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the plans as a “conspiracy”.

“I say to Trump and Netanyahu: Jerusalem is not for sale, all our rights are not for sale and are not for bargain. And your deal, the conspiracy, will not pass,” he said in a televised address from Ramallah in the West Bank.

They should have said ‘impeached US President Donald Trump’ and ‘indicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’ to convey the impact of Jared Kushner’s plan to give Palestine to Israel. It was a non-starter even if Kushner had bothered to get Palestinian input. This was a staged event to deflect from the trial of Trump in the Senate and Netanyahi’s recent indictment on corruption charges in Israel.

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January 28, 1986

Francis R. (Dick) Scobee, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

Michael J. Smith, Commander, USN

Mission Specialist:
Judith A. Resnik
Ronald E. McNair
Ellison S. Onizuka, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

Payload Specialist:
Gregory B. Jarvis
Sharon Christa McAuliffe

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