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Le Tour 2022 – Stage 1 — Why Now?
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Le Tour 2022 – Stage 1

Tour de France Copenhagen > Copenhagen

Distance: 13.2 kilometers.

Time Trial.

Yellow Jersey Yves Lampaert (DQT – 056) [Yellow] 00 hours 15 minutes 17 seconds
Green Jersey Yves Lampaert (DQT – 056) [Green]
White Jersey Tadej Pogačar (UAD – 001) [White] 3

Stage winner: Yves Lampaert (DQT – 056)
Team: Jumbo – Visma ( TJV – 011-018 ) [Yellow numbers]

Because this is the first stage and a time trial, there is no award for Combative, nor for the Polka Dots as there were no climbs. Wout Van Aert (TJV – 016) wore the Green because he was second and Yves Lampaert obviously preferred the Yellow.

The Tour has changed its results table for this year and I’m having to do a lot of manual work that I had automated in previous years.

Note below the fold:
Note: Wikipedia has a simple article on the Mountain classification used on the Tour. The basic fact is that climbs fall into five types, with the four numbered types decreasing in difficulty as the numbers get larger, and then there is the Hors Catégorie, literally “without category”, which generally makes you look for an elevator or Sherpas.

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