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Happy Thanksgiving — Why Now?
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Happy Thanksgiving

TurkeyIf your celebration involved the death of a turkey, thank you.

People have more freedom to gather in person this year than under the misrule of the TFG so emergency rooms will see injuries involving serving forks and carving knives again. The price of fuel has been dropping and even in my outpost of minimum civilization the only noticeable shortages are breakfast cookies in one grocery store and sports drinks in another.

As is traditional the WKRP Turkey Drop and/or the original recording of Alice’s Restaurant.


1 hipparchia { 11.23.23 at 1:41 pm }

thank you again for the wkrp turkey drop, and a happy thanksgiving to you too.

we will be eating turkey later today. my preference is to eat *anything* else, but i got overruled, so turkey it is!

2 Bryan { 11.23.23 at 4:23 pm }

You’re very welcome. I had ham, sweet potato, and broccoli ready for cooking when a neighbor brought me turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and green beans. It was dark meat, so it will be better than it could have been. Every one thinks I will starve. Now I have to find some one who likes pecan pie.

3 hipparchia { 11.23.23 at 9:23 pm }

dark meat is definitely the best. my family is roughly divided 50/50 between dark meat and white meat preferences, so we can usually share a turkey dinner amicably 🙂

ordinarily i could help you with that pecan pie but i’m kind of stuffed full right now, what with all the turkey, dressing, snap peas, asparagus, little red potatoes, and pumpkin pie. . . .

and yes i’m a believer in frozen vegetables (also a believer in stuffing-in-a-box).

4 Bryan { 11.23.23 at 10:21 pm }

Unless you prefer corn bread stuffing, the box version is more efficient than trying to get stale bread in the local humidity. Frozen are as good or better than anything except those picked the same day in your own garden. My grandparents used to cook vegetables to mush and had a fit if you ate something raw.

I’ll check out Ms Andrews, after the pump is up and working, and the “free” truck is working as it should. Now comes a month of smiling and not telling people what morons they are because “it’s Christmas, so don’t spoil it

5 hipparchia { 11.24.23 at 11:29 pm }

i love cornbread so much that i absolutely will NOT let it be turned into stuffing if i’m going to eat it. i’ll eat it as hush puppies or corn fritters if somebody else is doing the frying and all the cleaning up afterwards, but only if they get the recipes absolutely perfectly correct.

i got a fair crop of homegrown tomatoes early this summer, before the heat set in for real and fried everything, including a lot of the weeds, so i guess there’s that. got a few jalapeno peppers too, but gave them all away to friends and family, some of whom assured me that yes, i grew them hot enough, so i guess there’s that too! 😈

i had thought about building a few cold frames and maybe trying to grow some greens this winter, but we may not get enough winter to make it worth the trouble.

6 hipparchia { 11.25.23 at 12:10 am }

ms andrews has written a half dozen or so christmas-themed books, if you can stand the fluffy yuletide happiness (i tend to read them in midsummer, white christmases otherwise being soothing but mythical creations, in my experience).

dashing through the snowbirds has a feral cat rescue (kind of a cameo appearance, not as a main theme), and the gift of the magpie had a plot twist i didn’t see coming (but i was glad it happened that way).

if you’re feeling especially bah humbug about it all, owl be home for christmas, is fun, but then again, maybe i just liked it because i like owls and i have planned and/or attended enough scientific conferences that i could relate (though i don’t remember discovering any murdered bodies at any of my conferences). 🙂

i think my favorite summer-themed book is some like it hawk, how could you NOT love a character named phineas throckmorton?

then again… actually i like them all, probably because i find something to relate to (or learn something new) in each of the books (so far). also she’s written 35 or so, and i’ve only read about half of them, so there’s still more to read.

she’s also written four books with a main character named turing hopper, but now that artificial intelligence has turned out to be chatgpt irl, i haven’t gone back and finished reading this series.