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Sticky Wicket

The BBC tells us that a US tycoon charged over $8bn fraud

Texan billionaire and cricket promoter Sir Allen Stanford has been charged over a $8bn (£5.6bn) investment fraud, US financial regulators say.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said the financier had orchestrated “a fraudulent, multi-billion dollar investment scheme”.

The SEC said the fraud was “based on false promises and fabricated historical return data”.

English cricket bosses have pulled out of sponsorship talks with Sir Allen.

He also lost money in the Bernie Madoff scheme. It’s a case of one Ponzi scheme investing in another. Who did he think he was, Citicorp? I know where I’d like to stick a wicket, but that wouldn’t be nice. This guy once arrived at an event in a gold-plated helicopter, and people gave him money to invest – it boggles the mind.

February 17, 2009   2 Comments


Keep Calm and Carry On Be Afraid and Buy Something

So, which do you think is the better message, a World War II British government poster, or the Hedgemony’s party line?

February 17, 2009   8 Comments

Day 4 – Up the Dome

Yukon Quest Map

Sled DogHere are the current leaders: Jon Little (18), Sebastian Schnuelle (20), William Kleedehn (12), Hugh Neff (23), Hans Gatt (16). The lead teams are beyond Scroggie Creek Dog Drop.

Jean-Denis Britten (3) became the first to scratch at Pelly Crossing. His team tied as the fastest into Braeburn, and may have run too hard too early in the race.

Becca Moore (22) is the only one still in Pelly Crossing, having arrived early this morning. Becca is on the trail now, and Pelly Crossing is closed.

You can get Race Updates here.

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February 17, 2009   2 Comments