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Addicted To Love?

Today William Kleedehn (12) has dropped from first to fifth place. I assumed that he had major trouble with the mountain when four others showed up before him. I thought it was possible his prosthetic leg had given out scrambling up the hill. Nope. It was that slimy low-life Cupid who did him in.

Another surprise was Mike Ellis (4) Scratches in Circle City. He was running in the money at 11th place, basically teamed up with Norman Casavant (29) and no major threat behind them.

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Are You Ready?

funny pictures of cats with captions
Tomorrow is Mardi Gras!

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No Rest in Victoria

The threat rises with the temperature: More fire threats issued, others downgraded

More Victorian communities have been issued with urgent fire threats, while others communities have had theirs downgraded.

An urgent threat has been issued for residents east of Carrajung Woodside Road, between Starling Road and Pogues Raod north of Yarram and north-west of Woodside.

The CFA says residents are under direct threat from this fire and need to activate their fire plans immediately.

[

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Day 10 – The Fangs

Yukon Quest Map

Sled DogThe current line-up: Hugh Neff (23), William Kleedehn (12), Jon Little (18), and Brent Sass (13) are beyond Central. Sebastian Schnuelle (20) and Martin Buser (8) are there. Michelle Phillips (26) and Dan Kaduce (14) are on their way.

Everyone is beyond Eagle.

Didier Moggia (27) returned to Dawson and scratched last night. Sensible move if things weren’t going well, because Dawson has a lot more resources than Eagle, which is only reachable by aircraft or sled during the winter.

While Hugh Neff is technically the leader, he messed up and used a road, instead of the trail, and was penalized two hours, tacked on to the mandatory 8-hour stop in Two Rivers.

Gerry Willomitzer has commentary on the “End Game” of the Quest.

You can get Race Updates here.

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