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They Are Still At It

I wrote about these whackos, My Idiot Neighbors, back in November and they are still at it.

The mighty metropolis of Valparaiso [population: 6400] led by their intrepid mayor, Bruce Arnold, has decided to sue the Air Force over the plan to spend tens of millions of dollars locally to create the training site for the new F-35 fighter.

Mayor Arnold, apparently upset that the Air Force hasn’t provided the Valparaiso city commission with the complete classified documents on the F-35 program, or some such foolishness, scheduled a vote when he knew that opponents to his plan wouldn’t be available.

Things have gotten so absurd that even the local libertarian puppy trainer [Northwest Florida Daily News] has started a letter writing campaign: Valparaiso steps over the line.

Here is reality: the Air Force should just use eminent domain and buy out the town. It will be quicker, and cheaper than messing around in court. The people in Valparaiso say they are worried about property values. well they have dropped like a rock without the F-35. The entire town should be available cheap. and the Air Force can use it for base housing, or as a noise buffer zone.

In the county, Mayor Arnold is about as popular as small pox [no offense to infectious diseases].

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Day 12 – They Are Still Arriving

Yukon Quest Map

Sled DogAbout an hour after the leaders, Jon Little (18) crossed the finish line. More that 9 hours later Martin Buser (8) and Michelle Phillips (26) showed up followed by William Kleedehn (12), Brent Sass (13), and Dan Kaduce (14) rounding out the night. Warren Palfrey (19), a Métis from Yellowknife arrived this morning. While Martin Buser is the official first rookie, Palfrey is a true rookie to long distance mushing, lacking Buser’s years on the Iditarod.

Everyone is beyond Circle and headed Southwest.

Update: Kyla Boivin (2) had to scratch today.  Her team just couldn’t climb Eagle Summit.  She was in the money at 14 when she scratched.

You can get Race Updates here.

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