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Day 12 – They Are Still Arriving

Yukon Quest Map

Sled DogAbout an hour after the leaders, Jon Little (18) crossed the finish line. More that 9 hours later Martin Buser (8) and Michelle Phillips (26) showed up followed by William Kleedehn (12), Brent Sass (13), and Dan Kaduce (14) rounding out the night. Warren Palfrey (19), a Métis from Yellowknife arrived this morning. While Martin Buser is the official first rookie, Palfrey is a true rookie to long distance mushing, lacking Buser’s years on the Iditarod.

Everyone is beyond Circle and headed Southwest.

Update: Kyla Boivin (2) had to scratch today.  Her team just couldn’t climb Eagle Summit.  She was in the money at 14 when she scratched.

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