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Friday Cat Blogging

Bad Choice

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: This is not a gargoyle with a fear of heights, not a clog in my neighbor’s gutter, but a kitten who has selected the wrong place to nap with a thunderstorm approaching.

The Friday Ark is in dry dock this week.


1 jams o donnell { 08.27.10 at 4:19 am }

Hmm now that is one kitten who is in for a major surprise!

2 Bryan { 08.27.10 at 8:02 pm }

That was definitely not a happy kitten the next time I saw it, Jams. Kittens don’t like baths.

Oh, tell Ted, no one was fooled by the Sylvester mask in that video. We know it was him,

3 oldwhitelady { 08.29.10 at 9:49 pm }

Aw! Such a cutie! I can imagine the surprise the kitten will get when the water comes flowing down. That kitten can be called The Streak as she flies out of her sleeping spot.

4 Bryan { 08.29.10 at 10:11 pm }

I might have woken the kitten, by the momma cat has a real attitude problem and I avoid her and her kittens.

I hope the first trickles of water were enough, because there was a wad of soggy leaves on that spot after the storm passed, indicating the downspout was plugged, and when it let go, it would have been sudden.