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Slowing Down

The death toll from the flash flooding caused by a tropical storm in the Philippines appears to be over a thousand. The heavy rains hit in the early morning hours, and most of the victims were asleep when the waters hit.

Australia is looking at the possibility of seeing its first tropical storm later in the week. After last year they could use a really quiet season.

Looking at all of the pictures of grieving North Koreans, I have to wonder if they notice how rotund the Kim family is in a nation constantly on the verge of starvation.

Ron Paul is getting his 15 minutes as the leading candidate for the Republican Presidential race as Newt ‘Efting’ Grinch fades under a flood of negative ads. Paul has kept his team in place from his last run for President, and has a formidable organization in Iowa, larger than any other candidate’s. It wouldn’t be odd if he won it, as it is a caucus system which requires an organization on the ground.

I am spending a lot of time trying to learn how to use a new cell phone and new camera. If the phone doesn’t stop trying to helpful it will have a very short life span. The first annoyance was when I discovered that none of the included ‘ringtones’ sound like a phone ringing.

Only one more visit to a store to finish all of my Christmas related shopping. It is little junk for a stocking, and that is usually fun, but this year the usual suspects aren’t carrying much.

December 19, 2011   3 Comments