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News Drought

Neil Macdonald, the CBC’s senior correspondent and a headline writer have captured the mood of US politics in the article: Yeah, so’s your mom. The rat-like charm of Donald Trump.*

The paternal, indulgent smile usually worn by the barbered and tanned Republican establishment is gone.

In its place is whey-faced fear. The primary-season freakshow that once served the party’s interests so nicely now threatens to consume it.

Mainstream Republicans (admittedly a relative term nowadays) have lost control to a reality show star, a vulgar braggart who somehow manages to evince populism while flaunting extreme wealth and his membership in the .0001 per cent club.

Donald Trump transcends the freakshow, he’s the whole carnival in one man, and taking the car keys away from him isn’t going to be easy, if it can be done at all.

Actually today’s top story mentioned internationally was a sport’s injury: “Full-back Luke Shaw suffered a double fracture of his right leg in Manchester United’s Champions League loss at PSV Eindhoven.”

* That was the main page headline with a different headline when you go to the linked article.

September 15, 2015   5 Comments