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It was nice to see that the new prime minister of Canada appreciates Halloween traditions. OTOH there were no children willing to risk stoning by the Fundies to ‘trick or treat’ around here.

The average rainfall for November here is 3.46 inches. We already had 2.8 inches at 2PM [Central STANDARD Time] so I think we’ll make it this year, probably today. We are not experiencing the flooding problems that they have been having in Texas.

Update: Just over 3 inches Monday and 1.8+ today.

Even if it wasn’t raining, which scrubs the pollen, I wouldn’t be spending a lot of time outside because we are having a Red Tide bloom. It isn’t just the odor of dead fish, I’m sensitive to the airborne toxin of Karenia brevis, the specific type of Red Tide algae responsible for the local blooms.

I see that they are now admitting that there are Special Forces ‘advisors’ in Syria. This isn’t really like Vietnam – we didn’t help the Viet Cong in SEA. 👿

November 1, 2015   6 Comments