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Helping Our Allies

So an Australian journalist hit the big time with coverage of Trump Sr., now Canadian Robyn Urback has a go with Jr.: So Donald Jr. welcomed Russian intel. Whatever. Remember that time Hillary Clinton had a cold?

This is a great “Faux News” take off. It’s nice that other people get some enjoyment from our mess.


1 Shirt { 07.12.17 at 9:31 am }

And to distract us from the piddle puddle of drips Drumpf will now have Gen. Brooks place his command on high alert while running a provocative naval excercise near north Korea.


2 Bryan { 07.12.17 at 12:02 pm }

“Look over there – a kitten!”

It will be Federal crimes, so he can give pardons to his son, son-in-law, and Manafort. Manafort is a lawyer and campaign official so it is not reasonable to claim that he would be unaware of the laws about foreign governments and elections.

3 Badtux { 07.13.17 at 3:43 am }

But… but… her emails!

4 Bryan { 07.13.17 at 12:24 pm }

Natalia Veselnitskaya arranged the meeting and and offered opposition information on Hillary Clinton in exchange for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act. She, however, was smart enough not to put anything in writing.

Anyone who hasn’t deleted 10,000 e-mails a year, isn’t really trying.

5 Kryten42 { 07.13.17 at 9:11 pm }

It appears that two MSM outlets are about to drop a bomb on Trump & the WH. This is 1 source, there are others. Will be interesting to see what transpires.

REPORT: Two Media Outlets Soon to Drop Mega-Bombshell on Trump

I suppose we’ll see… *shrug*

Though, this was a good laugh! 😆


6 Bryan { 07.14.17 at 11:21 am }

Well, NBC is reporting that in addition to ‘Natasha’, a ‘former’ GRU officer was in the room. It is my opinion that ‘former’ GRU officers are found in safe houses and cemeteries, not Trump Tower. There is also reporting that Trump admitted knowing more about Junior’s meeting than previously indicated. Trump seemed to indicate that on the trip to Paris for Bastille Day.

Note: the GRU officer is not named Boris….

7 Kryten42 { 07.15.17 at 1:29 am }

I saw that earlier (NBC). I thought it was amusing myself. 😉 😀

I also saw this earlier, something of a rebuttal to Chris Uhlmann’s angst over the US’s retreat into it’s shell.

Thanks, Chris Uhlmann, but the world has had quite enough U.S. ‘leadership’

Yes. Indeed many have. Some of us had enough of it by the 80’s in fact!

8 Kryten42 { 07.15.17 at 6:56 am }

This just in (before I hit the hay):

REPORT: White House In “Total Meltdown” Following Trump Jr. Revelation

Some of the comments are interesting (apart from the obvious trolls & outright lunatics). 😉 😀

9 Bryan { 07.15.17 at 5:28 pm }

I personally think that is well past the time when the US should have started minding its own business, rather than the business of other countries. All of our problems today, discounting the election of Trump have been caused by bad decisions in the past about what other people should do with their country.

This White House has never gelled, so it can’t melt down. We are watching government by Brownian motion, a totally random administration, quantum politics.

10 Kryten42 { 07.16.17 at 4:18 am }

Agree. And you have a point! 😉 😀

So… Florida:

South Florida judge rules to keep some 9/11 records secret

FBI allowed to hide details of secret 9/11 report – judge

Begs the question: What are they afraid of people knowing about the funding of the attackers? I can’t imagine… 🙄 Wait, yes I can!

11 Bryan { 07.16.17 at 7:34 pm }

People already know where the funding came from, but they don’t want official confirmation that could be used in court cases against the sources of funding.

12 Badtux { 07.17.17 at 12:46 am }

But the Saudis are our friends! (SNRK!).

13 Kryten42 { 07.17.17 at 5:25 am }

Well, yes. 😆 I’m just 😆 😆

And here, for your entertainment (and very much my own i must say!) This:

Peter Dutton to head merged ASIO, AFP and Border Force super security department

Malcolm Turnbull expected to promote Dutton during national security overhaul

There are soooo many things wrong with this, I don’t know where to start! LMAO

Meanwhile, in the USA…

White House releases sensitive personal information of voters worried about their sensitive personal information

How many lawsuits can the WhiteHouse create? An endless number apparently. The Lawyers will be laughing all the way & retiring early!

14 Bryan { 07.17.17 at 11:59 am }

The house of Saud has never been a reliable friend of anyone, even other members of the house of Saud, you already knew that.

Yes, I notice that Malcolm wants his own version of “Homeland Security” [not to be confused with any historic examples of government organizations found in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union under Stalin] because that’s how ‘the big kids” do it. It is apparently not considered relevant that the model would appear to be inefficient and ineffective whenever it’s tried, just like trickle down economics. It is a disease among political ideologies that their bad ideas only fail because they didn’t go far enough, fast enough, and never because they were stupid ideas in the first place…

15 Kryten42 { 07.17.17 at 2:45 pm }

I don’t think LEO’s in the USA get any *Police* training any more. Terrorist training, yes.

Like this in DC a few years ago:
SWAT Yanks 11-yo Girl from Shower, Hold Children at Gunpoint in Search of Non-Existent Plant

A complaint was filed in the DC District Court:
Case No. 1:14-cv-1317 – Jury Trial Demanded

And just today, An Aussie woman was shot by police, who had their camera’s turned off, after she reported an incident via 911 and was concerned. Apparently in the USA today, if you call 911 you must be a very dangerous person. Or, that people from Australia are ISIS terrorists. Maybe the IQ of police nowadays is so low, they think Australia is Afghanistan!

Australian Justine Damond shot dead by US police in Minneapolis

There are many more examples. I suppose this is what we can look forward to if Dutton takes over our Federal *security* forces.

16 Kryten42 { 07.17.17 at 2:54 pm }

Update on this absolutely despicable cowardly murder of Justine Diamond in the USA:

Justine Damond’s shooter identified, fired from passenger seat

17 Bryan { 07.17.17 at 8:37 pm }

Reading about the Minneapolis shooting, I see no justification for shooting through the door of the patril in a matter that endangered your partner, when your partner had the best view of the situation and was not reacting. The claim is going to be that the ride-along officer thought that woman’s phone was a weapon, but the driver had a clear view of her and did not feel threatened.

Given the readily available statistics on suspects, a competent officer would know that the chance that a blonde in pajamas was a physical threat are almost non-existent [unless you know her and you forgot an important date, in which case flowers without thorns or a vase are a safer response, and chocolate couldn’t hurt.] The Minneapolis Police are having an outside agency investigate their shootings, because they have been such screw-ups.

18 Badtux { 07.17.17 at 11:51 pm }

Thus far the Minneapolis PD haven’t even released the excuse that the partner thought her phone was a gun. It’s just been utter silence from the Minneapolis Police Department. Complete and utter silence.

The people they’ve been shooting are black people. Now they’ve shot a white woman, and they don’t know what to say or do. The usual responses — calling the victim a thug, talking about the victim’s criminal rap sheet (“he was arrested for jaywalking three years ago too!”), slandering the victim by posting pictures of other people who have similar facial features making gang signs and posing with guns and claiming they’re the victim’s photo — just don’t seem like they’ll work in this case. Leaving the Minneapolis PD with a complete vacancy in their response, and a lot of confused and upset people who are *not* the usual thug mommas (or able to be depicted as such) that you see in these cases.

19 Kryten42 { 07.18.17 at 6:19 am }
20 Bryan { 07.18.17 at 12:18 pm }

The politicians have been trying to fix things, and the fixes aren’t working.
The Minneapolis PD can’t comment because it isn’t their investigation. The case is being investigated by the state because it had already been decided earlier that MPD wasn’t to be trusted to investigate itself. The body cameras were ordered as another measure, but battery life & storage capacity means they can’t be active full-time, and they are depending on officers to turn them on. [FAIL]

If your officers are bad, you need to replace them and the superiors who recruited and trained them.

If I was the driver, I would have maced or tazed the ride-along for that shot, before I saw that he had shot someone else.

21 Kryten42 { 07.18.17 at 12:51 pm }

I agree of course. And now our moronic PM want’t to put a psychopath in charge of all the security org’s! What could possibly go wrong?! Soon, we’ll make the USA look good!

Did you know Mr. Potato-head & several other LNP Ministers were supported with big donations from this bunch of absolute inhuman lunatics (and no, they are not US, though you’d be forgiven for thinking so. They are home grown! Actually, these insane pedophiles make most of your lunatics seem harmless in comparison! I keep telling you…)

Revealed: how Exclusive Brethren members secretly donate to the Liberal Party

Oh well. Back to the Saudi’s… Seems May is best bud’s also!

Theresa May isn’t releasing the Saudi report because they’re obviously innocent – much better to blame trade unions

Money talks, as always.

22 Bryan { 07.18.17 at 5:16 pm }

Well, it will end up in a lot of people dying and the politicians that were bought saying there was no indication of a problem.

James Jones & the People’s Temple, David Koresh & the Branch Davidian, Heaven’s Gate, et al. they pop off the vine every few years and get a lot of people killed. And now we have Trump…

23 Badtux { 07.18.17 at 11:10 pm }

Being under investigation never stopped the Minneapolis PD from leaking like a sieve before. If they could claim this woman had a criminal record, a mental health record, or anything, it’d be leaked to all the media in town along with photos “proving” she (or someone who looked similar enough to fool people) was a thug. That’s what they’ve done for all the other leaks.

So now they’re starting to leak… but looks like they couldn’t find any dirt on the lady, so they’re throwing the cop under the bus. Guess that Magic Negro Thug Detector thingy didn’t quite work with a white blond lady wearin’ pajamas…

24 Kryten42 { 07.19.17 at 10:37 am }

Well, here’s the latest on the MN shooting! :/

Fireworks may have spooked officer who fired fatal shot

25 Kryten42 { 07.19.17 at 10:48 am }

Oh, This too. As you’ve both noted:

Justine Damond shooting slammed by US congressman

“We need to confront the reality of so many unarmed people killed by the same officers who swear an oath to protect us,” he said.

“Justine’s death shows no one should assume ‘officer-involved shootings’ only happen in a certain part of town or to certain kinds of people. This is a systemic problem which calls for a broad, comprehensive response.”

Ellison said the tragic shooting, and others like it, “will persist as long as our society resists holding our law enforcement accountable”.

26 Bryan { 07.19.17 at 4:38 pm }

These cops are trained to act like this. The actions are too prevalent to be ‘a few bad apples’, it is a diseased command structure that supervises and controls hiring and training.

The keys to reducing officers injuries and deaths are cardio-fitness and driver training. Police work is dangerous … not as dangerous as commercial fishing, or convenience store clerk, or health aide at a nursing home, or lumber jack, or garbage man, but in the top 20 or so for vehicle accidents and heart attacks/strokes.

I did the job and studied the stats. Yes in progress calls get the adrenaline flowing, but the moron blowing through a stop sign is the more real threat.

27 Badtux { 07.19.17 at 8:12 pm }

The murder rates per 100,000 for cops is about 1/5th what the murder rate is in Oakland, California, and pretty much the same as the murder rate for San Jose, California, one of the safer big cities around. So the chances of being murdered, if you’re a cop, are less than the chances of being murdered as a random citizen of Oakland CA. Yet cops walk around acting as if any random person on the street is just gonna pull out a gun and shoot them. Sure, you have to be aware, yes, there *are* people who target cops, but they’ve gone past the awareness part and down the rathole of pure paranoia and treating each and every person as “the enemy”.

28 Bryan { 07.19.17 at 9:26 pm }

The militarization of the police is making them a target, as is the corruption associated with asset forfeiture and the War on Drugs. Instead of keeping the peace, cops have become profit centers, and the people being ripped off, have no respect for the criminal justice system.

29 Kryten42 { 07.20.17 at 4:22 am }

Agree! And same here also over the past decade. Going to get worse now w/ Dutton in charge of everything. *shrug*

As expected, they’ve started the *blame the victim* game. *shrug* But the family have hired a top lawyer, so that will be interesting!

Justine Damond shooting: US lawyer hits back at officer’s ambush claims

This toon is a pretty good summation of what most of us think about Dutton!

Peter Dutton’s new mega department will streamline dog whistling and fear whipping

30 Bryan { 07.20.17 at 2:59 pm }

The crime rates have been falling for years while the whackoes keep yelling about violence on the streets. At some point the police have become a larger threat to people than the other gangs.

31 Badtux { 07.21.17 at 2:59 am }

Well, the police already passed the line of stealing more stuff per year than burglars do several years ago. That can’t be helping the profession’s public perception either.

32 Kryten42 { 07.21.17 at 5:34 am }

Have to hand it to the USA! They incarcerate the innocent & make the criminals cop’s & politicians! 😆 Though, most countries do the 2nd & some do the 1st. 😉 *shrug*

33 Kryten42 { 07.22.17 at 8:54 am }

So… A known lying con artist lawyer is now a Judge on the Federal Appeals Court! What could possibly go wrong?! 🙄

Conservative Political Blogger Confirmed For Seat On Federal Appeals Court

34 Badtux { 07.22.17 at 12:13 pm }

We are so fscked. 🙁

35 Bryan { 07.22.17 at 2:45 pm }

Reality TV has created a path to celebrity for people who have no talent or accomplishments, but have come into money. Trump was never anything more than what you saw on cable TV. Why anyone would assume that those who have never had to overcome any real problems in their own lives would have the knowledge or ability to understand what was happening to ordinary people is beyond me.

It is approaching the time when we are going to have go into the streets to demand that Congress do its job and impeach this clown.

36 Kryten42 { 07.23.17 at 12:27 pm }

Here… We all need a laugh!

WATCH: Al Franken laughs at Scaramucci’s ‘bizarre’ use of Trump as a source that Russians didn’t hack election

Been busy on Twitter last couple days. Some Christian lunatic (US of course) claimed he could pray for Atheists for a week and convert them! So about 100 of us said go ahead! Actually, I said I’d even give him a year! After all, the Catholic’s tried for a decade & lost! *shrug* After less than 2 days, he’s totally loosing it! 😆 A Mormon came on & tried yesterday, he lasted a couple ours! Turns out, Atheists despise LDS Morons more than christians! And we all had facts about Smith to trot out. I made a bunch of new *friends* (time will tell of course). Of course, being christian, he has some fake com lighting biz! But one of the guy’s tweeting called him out on it. 😀

37 Kryten42 { 07.23.17 at 6:46 pm }

Update on the Justine Diamond murder:

So, Minneapolis police chief Jane Harteau has resigned (forced by Mayor Betsy Hodges unsurprisingly as citizens were calling for her to resign!) And there is a witness that may have a video.

Probers quiz witness as Justine Damond’s shooting sparks near-riot in mayor’s office

38 Bryan { 07.23.17 at 8:35 pm }

The near riot was interesting, as the people were yelling that the police chief should be fired while the mayor was attempting to announce the police chief’s resignation. OTOH, the main reason the police chief didn’t come back is that she was on vacation backpacking out in the middle of nowhere and didn’t know about the shooting. That said, the entire department would seem to be a mess.

It’s amazing that the people attempting to sell ‘belief’ to others have such a distorted concept of their ‘product’.

39 Kryten42 { 07.23.17 at 9:53 pm }

He kept saying most criminals in the USA were atheist! Just the numbers alone of those incarcerated vs the # of known atheists shows that to be total BS! LOL So I posted a chart of official Stat’s by Prison Chaplin’s on prisoner’s faith in the USA from 2011 & he went on a tear about it being a liberal fake & lie! LOL

Protestant: 50.6%
Catholic: 14.5%
Muslim: 9.4%
No religion: 8.6% (atheist I guess)
Jewish: 1.7%
Mormon: 0.8%
Orthodox Christian: 0.8%

And so on. 😀
God is Great! Obviously… 😉 😆

40 Bryan { 07.24.17 at 11:16 am }

No doubt he believes that there are no atheists in foxholes, while foxholes and war are a primary environment for creating atheists/agnostics, i.e if G*d exists he’s a real asshole. Earth Bound Misfit has a nice button on her sidebar: I have nothing against G*d, it’s his fan club I can’t stand.