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One Small Step

Apollo 11

Apollo 11


Neil A. Armstrong

Pilot: Columbia Command Module

Michael Collins, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

Pilot: Eagle Lunar Module

Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., Colonel, USAF

Launched: 16 July 1969 UT 13:32:00 (08:32:00 CDT)

Landed on Moon: 20 July 1969 UT 20:17:40 (15:17:40 CDT)

Landing Site: Mare Tranquillitatis – Sea of Tranquility (0.67 N, 23.47 E)

Returned to Earth: 24 July 1969 UT 16:50:35 (11:50:35 CDT)


1 Shirt { 07.17.17 at 9:41 am }

One of the nations finest hours.We gots to doit again!

2 ellroon { 07.17.17 at 11:39 am }

Just watched In the Shadow of the Moon by Ron Howard about the moon landing. Odd editing, they cut away from the landing of the Eagle to other moon flights… kinda left the guys on the moon for a moment. Anyway, good film. It seem we don’t make people like that anymore.

3 Bryan { 07.17.17 at 2:10 pm }

If you are old enough to remember it, the landing really united the planet for a short while.