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Iran promises to send warships to Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean. Just what we needed, the US and Iran playing nautical bumper cars off the Gulf Coast.

US President Donald Trump has mocked a political rival as Pocahontas – as he welcomed Native Americans to the White House. So three of the surviving thirteen Navajo code-talkers go to the White House for a ceremony. First the ceremony is in front of a portrait of Andrew “Trail of Tears” Jackson and then he gives the men the printed copy of his prepared speech. He then makes unscripted remarks that include calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”, a racial slur the way he uses it. You can’t take him anywhere that he doesn’t embarrass the nation.

Rachel Maddow has the Video version of Drumpf being a racist jerk and Senator Warren’s response.

November 27, 2017   7 Comments