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Polls & Trolls

Apparently polls that sample landline telephones show Roy Moore will win, and those that call cellphones favor Doug Jones. The projected voter turnout for the election is 25%, so either candidate could win if they can get their supporters to go to the polls.

Getting to the polls, Roy Moore uses a horse which is a mistake. If you look at the video you will get a lesson on how not to ride a horse and nasty comments by people who know how to ride a horse with a Western saddle.

Meanwhile, at Moore’s final campaign event a friend of Moore’s gives the strangest endorsement I have ever heard of for any candidate … ever. File under “With friends like this”.

Update at 9:45PM CST – the AP, CNN, and the BBC are calling the race for Doug Jones.

December 12, 2017   19 Comments

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah in Hebrew

MenorahHappy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends. I miss the latkes and jelly doughnuts my roommates received for the holiday at college. [Their grandmothers were afraid they wouldn’t celebrate or couldn’t get “real” food at that terrible Baptist university.] It was a great break.

One of the nice things about Hanukkah is that there are established “gifts”, so you don’t have to rack your brains about what to get: a card and gelt covers just about everyone.

General background at Wikipedia’s entry for Hanukkah and even more at Chabad’s Chanukah page.

[Note: on the Jewish calendar the day changes at sundown, not midnight.]

December 12, 2017   4 Comments