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Figures Of Speech

Insults have been in the news lately. Vox , and others, have noted that The NY Times published a list of people Trump has insulted on Twitter during the campaign.

CNN’s Don Lemon has a list of Trump’s racist history which may be behind his lack of a direct comment about what Roseanne Barr tweeted.

Samantha Bee made a mistake. As a Canadian educated adult she used an Elizabethan adjective with a synecdoche enhanced by dysphemism to make her point. The problem was she did not have a whistle, a clipboard, and some wall lockers for cover. Everything said in “a locker room” is apparently beyond criticism. What she said was harsh and shocking, but not as harsh or shocking as having your children taken away when you are applying for asylum in a supposedly civilized country.

This isn’t about Donald Trump defending his daughter. Trump didn’t suggest that Howard Stern be fired for his no class comment about Ivanka in a radio interview. Trump was attacking a critic, as he always does.

June 2, 2018   7 Comments