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The Snark Is Strong

Not this Snark or even The Snark, but the other snark.

Frank Figliuzzi, former Assistant Director of the FBI for Counterintelligence, while discussing Trump’s weekend tweets about the Trump Tower meeting, suggested that Twitter should display the Miranda warning on Trump’s account before he can post anything.

Matt Miller, a former Department of Justice spokesman, opined that the White House has the highest crime rate in Washington, DC. This was after discussing multiple criminal problems of individuals associated with this administration.

Of course, xkcd can always be counted on and does not fail us on electronic voting machines.


1 shirt { 08.10.18 at 9:23 am }

A friend of a friend came up with this for a proposed bumper sticker

Don’t Think Of It As A
Think Of It As A Courtesy Flush

Now that is Snark!

2 Bryan { 08.10.18 at 12:31 pm }

That is good. That is very good. 😈

3 Badtux { 08.11.18 at 9:07 pm }

The only software engineers that I know who trust electronic voting machines are utterly naive about the multitudes of ways that elections have been stolen in the past. For example, they ask “why can’t I get a receipt that shows who I voted for, like a cash register receipt?” Well, because then you can take that receipt to the person who paid you to vote for Joe Blow and get paid, duh.

People today just don’t seem to “get it” that getting voting right is *hard*.

4 Bryan { 08.11.18 at 10:12 pm }

In my county we use the paper ballot with the scoring scanners that are used by the school system when there are no elections. The scanners are fairly accurate, but if there are questions the ballots can be counted by hand. The ballots are serial numbered and protected.

There is also an electronic system, a laptop with software running on Windows, and the machine has a USB port! It is for the use of people with handicaps, and it doesn’t seem to be important that their vote gets counted. This is the type of machine that some counties used for all voting. No audit trail, no way to check results.

The county copies the results from the scanners locally and takes the results to the Supervisor of Elections office for tabulation. The scanners with the ballots still inside are taken to a warehouse and stored until the election has been certified and any recounts are completed. The only things that are sent over the ‘Net are the results to the State, and the local results are posted on the county site.