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Real Life Intrudes

For the third time in 13 years my host went down. Not only did they go down but their alert system failed due to some problems with their cellphone provider, meaning their automatic system did not alert them to a problem and they, therefore, couldn’t alert the affected accounts, including me.

Meantime, the server failure cause an error message to be sent to WordPress, who did contact me. Unfortunately the WordPress error led to my wasting time trying to track down a problem with the blog that didn’t exist.

To make things a bit more confusing my personal website, hosted by the same company, was still working. It was some time before my host updated their status page and everything finally made sense. My personal website is rather static and is on a different server that the dynamic blog site.

Throw in the standard process of patching all of the computers this week, and replacing a two-pole circuit breaker in one of the apartments, and my useful computer time has been severely limited.

And while I’ve been typing WordPress has issued another update to their software…

December 12, 2019   23 Comments